APEX-Q Hybrid Qq-FTMS mass spectrometer

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The APEX-Q platform combines a Qq- "front-end" and a high field FTMS magnet (9.4 or 12 Tesla) for the ultimate resolution proteomics mass spectrometer.

The APEX-Q is an innovative new tool offering ultrahigh performance MS for proteomics research.  It is the combination of a Qq- "front end" and a high field Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry system.   Combining online femtomole sensitivity with ppm mass accuracy on LC-MS and LC-MS/MS data gives the specificity for even the most complex i.d. and de novo applications.

Data-dependent  LC-MS/MS

This unique hybrid approach provides facile and efficient precursor mass selection and collisionally activated dissociation in a Qq- "front end" for on-the-fly conventional MS fragmentation but with FTMS detection.

Furthermore, an APEX-Q with conventional field magnets (4.7 or 7.0 Tesla) extends the capabilities for high performance FTMS to all users familiar with hybrid MS technology (i.e. Qq-TOF, QqQ, etc.).  See www.bdal.com


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APEX-Q Hybrid Qq-FTMS mass spectrometer

Manufacturer Bruker Life Sciences

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