Apex IV by Bruker Daltonics

Manufacturer Bruker Daltonics

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Apex IV

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This next-generation automated FTMS system combines ultra-high performance with compact industrial design. The system price starts at 495,000 $.

Accurate Mass, Extreme Resolution

Whether in drug discovery, metabolism or synthesis, precise mass assignments are critical in empirical formula determination. APEX IV confidently delivers 1 ppm for real accurate mass work, and also offers MS(n) for additional structural confirmation.

Compact industrial design

For smooth operation in industrial environments, the APEX IV has a new compact design with a smaller console. Additionally, an optional High-Throughput CombiSource™ for the first time conveniently combines electrospray ionization (ESI) and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) in an integrated, computer-switchable ion source.

12 T magnet option for ultra-high field FTMS

This new magnet represents the highest field commercially available and is expected to be particularly important for proteomics. The active shielding allows for straight-forward placement into standard biology and pharmaceutical laboratories.

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