APEX IV Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer

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The Bruker Daltonics APEX IV™ FTMS is a simpler-to-use yet more powerful FTMS than ever before, with an even smaller footprint.  The APEX IV product line includes a special, particularly affordable configuration for small-molecule analysis in metabolomics, combinatorial library analysis, natural products elucidation, and other areas requiring ultra-high resolution and unsurpassed mass accuracy.  In the process, we've also added a wide range of new and exciting options, resulting in our most powerful FTMS system yet.

The APEX IV can be configurated with any one of our actively shielded superconducting magnets (4.7, 7.0, 9.4, or the new 12 Tesla).  In addtion, we offer the widest range of available ionization sources (e.g. ESI, APcl, MALDI, EI/CI, LSIMS) for ultimate flexibility and performance at an incredible value.

The APEX IV is ideal for high-performance automation and cutting-edge research applications, providing the unique combination of routine ultra-high resolution, routine <2 ppm external acccuracy, automated MS(n), excellent sensitivity and high throughput.  Moreover, in many applications, the APEX IV can use ultra-high resolution to eliminate LC separations required by other MS methods for the analysis of complete sample matrices.

The APEX IV routinely provides the performance necessary for true accurate mass analysis.  Bruker Daltonics' patented Sidekick™ technology combines high-speed data acquisition with the well known performance of FTMS, a powerful combination for applications requiring HPLC.

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