APC SmartTouch airborne particle counter

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APC SmartTouch airborne particle counter

The APC SmartTouch is a unique, easy-to-use airborne particle counter, which is designed to reduce your cleanroom certification and monitoring costs whilst minimizing the likelihood of human sampling errors.

APC SmartTouch airborne particle counter Features:

  • Secure and reliable:
    - Visual representation of sampling locations: minimizes risk of human errors
    - Ideally suited for disinfection: easy-to-clean
    - Equipped with high-capacity batteries: allows for continuous sampling
    - Follows strict hygiene standards
  • Convenient:
    - Large color touch screen with familiar icons and intuitive menu: easy-to-use
    - All required actions start from main menu: increases operating efficiency and saves time
  • Flexible:
    - Complete system with many accessories: no need to invest in multiple instruments, reducing costs of associated routine calibration
    - Designed for dual flow rates: significantly reduces cleanroom certification and monitoring cost