APC BrdU Flow Kit by BD Biosciences

Manufacturer BD Biosciences

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APC BrdU Flow Kit

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The BD Pharmingen™ BrdU Flow Kit staining procedure offers several options for sample handling. With this staining protocol, it is possible to immunofluorescently stain and analyze samples in a single day. The entire staining procedure requires approximately 3 hours. Alternatively, samples may be fixed
and stored for various lengths of time prior to staining. Due to the time intervals required for cell activation, BrdU incubation and other factors that are necessary to prepare cells prior to BrdU staining, it is often desirable to store samples and complete the staining protocol at a later time. If short term storage of samples prior to staining is desired, staining protocol option no. 1 allows storage of cells
overnight after the initial fixation step. If longer storage of samples is desired, staining protocol option no. 2 permits storage of frozen samples indefinitely following the initial fixation step. The flexibility of the BD Pharmingen BrdU Flow Kit staining protocol provides researchers with several time-saving options.

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