APAgene™ GOLD Walking Kits by Bio S&T

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APAgene™ GOLD Walking Kits
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APAgene™ GOLD Genome Walking Kits are designed to rapidly and reliably amplify unknown genomic DNA using our patented APA technology:

1. Isolate unknown genomic sequences flanking transgenes (including T-DNAs, gene traps, transposons), sequence-tagged sites (STSs) or expressed sequence tags (ESTs).
2. Isolate localized sequences flanking known sequences from large clones and genomic DNAs.
3. Sequence insert ends of large clones such as P1, YAC and BAC DNAs.
4. Isolate unknown 5' promoter control regions and 3' transcriptional terminators of cDNAs.
5. Isolate unknown 5' and 3' RACE from first-strand cDNAs.