Anti-Microbial Glove Box

Manufacturer Heathrow Scientific

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Anti-Microbial Glove Box - Infused with MICROBAN® for anti-microbial protection!

The Heathrow Scientific Anti-Microbial Glove Box is ideal for use in cleanroom, hospitals, and microbiological work areas. MICROBAN ® additive prevents growth of molds and bacteria. High impact, durable resin is resistant to harsh cleaning solutions.

The versatile Anti-Microbial Glove Box can accommodate single box or adjoined together to hold multiple boxes. Universal fit to many different glove box manufacturers. Modular design allows stacking horizontally. Screws and anchors provided. Made from high impact Polystyrene. Measures 254 x 156 x 97 mm. Each Pack includes 3 glove boxes.

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