Anti-microbial Arrays by Randox Laboratories Ltd.

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Anti-microbial Arrays
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Antimicrobial compounds have been used in food production to treat infections and to function as growth promoters. However, serious health concerns exist about the presence of antimicrobial compounds in food and the development of antibiotic resistant strains of micro-organisms due to inappropriate use in food producing animals. It is evident that effective screening solutions for antimicrobials are essential. The Antimicrobial Arrays simultaneously detect multiple anti-microbials in a single sample.

Key Benefits
• Lower limits of detection well below MRLs and other regulatory requirements
• Minimal false positives
• Applicable to multiple sample matrices
• Tetracyclines – detection of all major tetracycline metabolites and epimers
• Antimicrobial III is the only major screening technology available that will test for the 4 Nitrofuran metabolites
Antimicrobial Array I Plus
Sulphadiazine (SZ)
Sulphadimethoxine (SDM)
Sulphaquinoxaline (SQ)
Sulphamethazine (SMT)
Sulphamethoxazole (SMX)
Sulphathiazole (ST)
Sulphisoxazole (SS)
Sulphapyridine (SP)
Sulphamerazine (SM)
Sulphamonomethoxine (SMM)
Sulphamethoxypyridazine (SMP)
Sulphachlorpyridazine (SCP)
Sulphamethizole (SMZ)
Sulphadoxine (SD)
Trimethoprim (TMP)
Antimicrobial Array II
Quinolones (QNL)
Ceftiofur (CEFT)
Thiamphenicol (TAF)
Streptomycin (STR)
Tylosin (TYL)
Tetracycline (TCN)
Antimicrobial Array III
Antimicrobial Array III (Chloramphenicol Only)