ANPx101/NUM Positioner by Attocube Sytems, AG

Manufacturer Attocube Sytems, AG

ANPx101/NUM Positioner by Attocube Sytems, AG product image
ANPx101/NUM Positioner
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Attocube Systems ANPx101/NUM Positioner

The ANPx101/NUM Positioner with an optoelectronic encoder allows for ultra precise, closed loop positioning control. This readout solution can be delivered compatible with ultra high vacuum.

Key Features of the Attocube Systems ANPx101/NUM  

Closed loop resolution: 10 nm
Motion linear stepping & scanning
Travel 5 mm
Resolution sub nm
Size 24 x 28 x 14.5 mm
Load 100 g
Encoder type optoelectronic
Repeatibility 400 nm