AniGARD® e3 Animal Transfer Station / Clean Bench

Manufacturer The Baker Company

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Bring unrivaled performance and protection to your lab with the AniGARD e3 animal transfer station, which offers ISO Class 4 air cleanliness and reduces exposure to allergens. This clean bench is the most comfortable workstation and will increase your productivity with enhanced ergonomics and energy-efficient design.

This durable, easily maneuverable animal transfer station features an ergonomically engineered, adjustable work surface and slanted viewscreen for increased worker comfort. Permitting operator access on three sides, the AniGARD e3 ATS is designed to provide animal protection and particulate control in the laboratory while maximizing productivity and flexibility.

Key Features of the AniGARD e3 animal transfer station:
• Ergonomically designed for a comfortable user experience
• Easy to use and versatile
• Engineered for superior performance in cleanliness, protection and containment
          o Unique airflow design ensures maximum protection
          o Exclusive momentum air curtain ensures safety
• Manufactured for durability
• Built for easy cleaning and maintenance

The Baker Company is very mindful of the potential health hazards for lab workers and how important it is to safeguard their work. With the AniGARD e3, we are providing peace of mind in the entire laboratory environment.