Analytical Grade Type I DI System by Aqua Solutions, Inc

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Analytical Grade Type I DI System
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  • Application Area: Type 1 water for reagents

"I love this system! It takes water from tap to reverse osmosis (RO) and then sends the RO water through final treatments and sterile filtration for ultrapure. We added a second valve to be able to use RO water for rinsing glassware, etc. If you need a lot of RO water, this isn't the system for you, but if you want smaller volumes of both RO and type-1 ultrapure water. It was easy to set up, and maintenance is a breeze. Components are pretty much modular so you can just replace what you need. Customer service is great - they have real people that know their stuff for you to talk to if you have problems or questions. They even offer a rebate coupon for exchanging your ion exchange beds."

Review date: 23 Jan 2013 | Analytical Grade Type I DI System
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  • Organization: Potash Corporation

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
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    4 out of 5
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area:QC/Analytical Lab

"Very convenient for smaller labs. The tank can easily be hidden in a cabinet. Annual cartridge changes are easily done with the manual, however some of our locations have to change the reverse osmosis filter more than once per year based on incoming water supply. Needs to be supplied with a more flexible line for the dispenser and the controls for the conductivity meter- they are not easily controlled to modify limits. It would be nice if the temperature of the water could be regulated, the UV lamp heats the water up due to constant recirculation so overnight and weekend the water gets up to 32C. Overall a great unit."

Review date: 22 Jan 2013 | Analytical Grade Type I DI System
Analytical Grade Type I DI System with Built-in RO Pre-Treatment

The 10-LPH reverse osmosis portion of this system reduces operating costs by economically removing ~95% of the contaminants from the incoming tap water. The RO water is stored in an included 42-Liter pressurized tank that prevents the risk of airborne contamination and eliminates the need for additional feed pumps and tank filters.

The Type I portion of this system produces 18.2 megohm-cm ultrapure, reagent grade water at a flow rate of 2-Liters/minute. Continuous recirculation is utilized to maintain maximum water purity. Therefore, ultrapure water is instantly available on demand up to 7 feet from the system via the included hand held remote dispenser. The digital Conductivity/Resistivity monitor displays the water quality and a Green LED indicates that the water quality is above the acceptable purity. When the water quality drops below the desired purity a Red LED alerts the user that it is time to replace the filters.

This affordable lab water system is simple to install and is easily maintained by the user. The system cabinet can be bench, shelf or wall mounted and the RO storage tank can be installed up to 20 feet from the system. An additional RO membrane can be added to the system to increase RO production and the storage tank can be upgraded to increase capacity.

Analytical Grade Type I DI System Features & Benefits:

  • 18.2 megohm-cm Type I Reagent Grade Water
  • Continuous recirculation ensures superior water quality at all times
  • Highest flow rate (2-Liters per minute) of any comparably sized system
  • Highest ion exchange capacity (2,000 Grains) of any comparable system
  • Built-in activated carbon prefilter
  • Digital, temperature-compensated resistivity monitor with red/green LED alarms
  • Teflon recirculating remote dispenser with 0.22 µm final filter capsule
  • System can be bench, shelf or wall-mounted at no extra charge