Analysis Software for Microarray Images: Mapix by Innopsys

Manufacturer Innopsys

Analysis Software for Microarray Images: Mapix by Innopsys product image
Analysis Software for Microarray Images: Mapix
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Simple, User-friendly, High performance.

Mapix is characterised by its ease-of-use. It is a standard in the field of segmentation (automatic searching for microarray spots). Mapix has the most up to date requirements to browse data from microarray experiments quickly, with a high level of reliability and optimised productivity.

Mapix can be customized, allowing users to add their own functions using its exclusive plug-in system. Mapix, from Innopsys, is updated regularly to reflect new technologies and analytical tools. Mapix software is supplied with every InnoScan scanner, including the InnoScan 710, InnoScan 900 and the AutoLoader (AL) versions of these instruments.


  • Automatic setting of all reading parameters
  • Alerts through auto-flagging and quality control module
  • Maximum quality with images stored as 16- bit TIFF
  • Exportation to JPEG and PNG formats possible
  • Image files stored with reading parameters (pixels, laser power…)
  • Traceability: barcode read sample data saved with images
  • Available for 32 and 64 bit operating systems (Windows, Linux and soon MacOS)