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Analog Control


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This durable and dependable water bath comes with a variety of safety and convenience features. A warm-air-jacketed design radiates heat up the sides of the tank, not just from the bottom. This eliminates any hot spots. A non-contact, recessed heating element is used to prevent burnouts due to lack of water. A low watt/low density heating element achieves longer element life and prevents temperature overshoot. The low silhouette bath design allows for easy loading. Rubber legs ensure the baths stay put.

Tank construction is one-piece, using drawn-type stainless steel, eliminating any seams to leak. Resulting radius corners make cleaning easy. Housings have a high quality textured powder coat finish. This electro statically applied surface not only eliminates rust and chipping but is strongly resistant to nicks, scratches and corrosives.

Price includes stainless steel bath gable cover and thermometer.

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Analog Control by Eurotech product image