Amplus® Wide-pore Core Shell HPLC Column

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Amplus HPLC Columns enhance the power of core shell technology by offering a wide pore size, designed specifically for intact protein separation.

Intact Protein Separation
By opening the pore size in the core-shell design, Amplus columns are able to successfully and accurately separate large, intact proteins.

Incredibly Fast Runs
Amplus columns provide significant throughput improvement in protein analysis. Their high efficiency allows you to apply a higher linear speed to achieve phenomenal efficiency.

UHPLC Performance at HPLC Costs
With exceedingly fast run-times and the enhanced sensitivity, Amplus columns give you access to a UHPLC-like performance without the costly equipment upgrades.

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Amplus® Wide-pore Core Shell HPLC Column

Manufacturer Protea Biosciences Group, Inc

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