AmpFℓSTR® NGM SElect™ Express Kit

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The AmpFℓSTR® NGM SElect™ Express Kit enables extremely efficient analysis of single-source samples for laboratories wishing to utilize the European Standard Set Loci (ESSL) together with the highly discriminating SE33 locus. The kit utilizes the same primer sequences as the NGM™ and NGM SElect™ kits, but employs a new master mix optimized to enable high quality direct amplification of swab and treated/untreated paper substrates, as well as rapid PCR cycling (< 1 hr).

• Supports rapid, direct amplification on treated paper and untreated paper/swab substrates in conjunction with Prep-n-Go™ Buffer
• Contains a new fast-capable enzyme that allows completion of amplification in ~45 mins
• Maximizes first pass success rate, reducing the need for time-consuming repeat amplifications
• Part of a complete integrated solution for efficient single-source sample processing available from Life Technologies