Amine, Stripwell plate, 8 well, flat - 2388

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The Amine surface is made up of positively charged amine groups (2 x 1013 reactive sites/cm2) that can be used for covalent immobilisation via bifunctional crosslinker. To do so, the surface must first be activated by attaching a bifunctional crosslinker such as monomeric gluteraldehyde, bis-sulfosuccinimidyl subderate, or carbodiimide. The plate can also be used on its own, in the absence of crosslinkers, as a positively charged ionic surface. (Excellent alternative to poly-L-Lysine coated plates.) Available only in the 1 x 8 Stripwell format (12 strips/plate). Packaging: 1/pk 50/cs

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Amine, Stripwell plate, 8 well, flat - 2388

Manufacturer Corning Life Sciences

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