Amicon® Pro Purification System by MilliporeSigma

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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Amicon® Pro Purification System
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Introducing an all-in-one centrifugal device for the protein purification workflow.

Traditional protein purification is a long process with many steps and multiple devices, often resulting in protein degradation and loss. Avoid the risks associated with sample transfer and reduce hands-on time when you bind, wash, elute and/or concentrate your protein in the all-in-one Amicon® Pro purification system. No matter what your workflow, the Amicon® Pro system delivers consistent, accurate sample preparation, resulting in more reliable recovery, uncompromised purity and easier data generation.

Not only does the Amicon® Pro purification system represent a game-changing improvement in general affinity purification, but it also transforms applications such as depletion of abundant proteins, protein enrichment, buffer exchange and clean-up of antibody labeling reactions.