Amersham Hybond™ ECL (20 × 20cm)

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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Amersham Hybond ECL gives excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background for all labeling and detection systems (radioactive, nonradioactive, and chromogenic), especially when used with ECL Western Blotting System, Amersham ECL Prime, Amersham ECL Select, and ECL Plex Western Blotting Detection System. Special packaging features include interleaf on both sides of the membrane and air-tight resealable aluminum bag with label space for marking the "opened on" date.Features
•Unsupported, 100% pure nitrocellulose membrane validated for use with all ECL Westen blotting systems and for all protein blotting applications
&bull:Special packaging features enhances membrane performance in terms of handling and consistency of results