Amersham ECL™ Gel System by GE Healthcare

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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Amersham ECL™ Gel System
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The Amersham ECL Gel System provides a horizontal electrophoresis system with precast gels and virtually not assembly is required. It is designed to make PAGE as easy as agarose gel DNA electrophoresis. In contrast to vertical electrophoresis systems, the horizontal format provides an open gel surface and a bird´s eye view of the entire electrophoresis run. Consequently, it is simpler to apply samples to the wells, and samples are easier to visualize once loaded. Amersham ECL Gel is somewhat thicker than most other precast and handcast gels, making it easier to handle, with reduced risk of gel breakage, and making downstream processing more convenient.

Key Features
•High lot-to-lot consistency of gels ensures reproducible, high-quality results
•Prolonged shelf life of up to 12 months
•Robust gels for convenient handling in downstream detection steps
•Everything required to access and cut the gel is included in the Amersham ECL Gel cassette

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