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MACHEREY-NAGEL is proud to present the ALUGRAM Xtra. Designed around the active feedback of TLC users, MACHEREY-NAGEL has made significant steps in TLC aluminium sheets. The aluminium sheets are covered with unmodified, self-manufactured silica. Years of research and development have resulted in a completely new product with extraordinary features:

• Outstanding wettability (even for 100 % aqueous visualisation reagents)
• Easy and perfect cutting (no flaking of silica during every kind of cutting process)
• Excellent separation efficiency and reproducibility from batch to batch

The newly developed binder is a highly polymeric product, stable in almost all organic solvents and resistant towards aggressive visualisation reagents. The binder system for ALUGRAM Xtra is also completely stable in purely aqueous eluents, so the sheets offer a broad range of applications.