AlphaScreen SureFire Assay Platform by PerkinElmer, Inc.

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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AlphaScreen SureFire Assay Platform
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PerkinElmer’s unique bead-based AlphaScreen® technology is highly versatile and can be used to study nearly any biological interaction using small molecules, large molecules and binding partners of greatly disparate size.
Combine this unique technology with a new generation of cell-based high throughput screening developed by TGR Biosciences called SureFire™.
These technologies work together to provide a cell-based environment for assaying modulation of receptor activation and can also be sued to measure responses of intracellular kinase inhibitors for drug discovery.

Ideal for screening GPCRs and growth factor receptors, and for intracellular kinase inhibitors of MAPK and other signaling pathways.


- Homogenous: No wash steps, miniaturizable for high throughput
- Non-radioactive: Eliminates special reagent handling and disposal, faster read out
- Flexibility: Use in any cell line, including primary cells
- Sensitivity: Can be used on cells over-expressing cloned targets or with cells expressing physiologically relevant endongenous levels of receptor target
- Automatable: Easy to automate with HTS-proven AlphaScreen technology
- Ultra HTS compatible: Readily adaptable to 96-, 384- and 1536-well formats
- Multiple assay options: Permits interrogation of various signaling pathways, receptors and kinase targets