AlphaScreen cGMP Detection by PerkinElmer, Inc.

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AlphaScreen cGMP Detection
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AlphaScreen Functional cGMP Assay
Sensitivity and flexibility combined with cost efficiency.

The AlphaScreen cGMP assay is a homogeneous non-radioactive bead based system designed to measure cGMP either in cell lysates or in cell-free biochemical assays. The assay measures the activity of therapeutic targets such as phosphodiesterases, guanylate cyclases or nitric oxide synthetases. The assay is based on the competition between the Alphascreen Biotinylated cGMP Supplement and free cGMP which compete for a limited number of binding sites on cGMP-specific polyclonal antibodies captured on AlphaScreen Protein A coated acceptor beads. PerkinElmer’s AlphaScreen cGMP offers maximum sensitivity, and flexibility combined with cost efficiency.

Superior performance and ultra high throughput screening convenience

  • High sensitivity—fmol detection.
  • High precision—Z’ > 0.8 for PDE assays.
  • Flexible sample formats—cell-free or lyzed cell formats.
  • Easy to automate—only two steps of addition following cell stimulation or enzymatic reaction.
  • Ultra HTS-compatible—easy to adapt to 96-, 384- or 1536-well plates formats.
  • Stable signal (>20 hours at room temperature)—ideal for batch HTS campaigns.
  • Cost efficient-profit from easy miniaturization and high precision
  • Read on any AlphaScreen readers, such as PerkinElmer’s AlphaQuest®-HTS, Fusion-Alpha™ and EnVision™ Microplate Analyzers.

The AlphaScreen cGMP guanylate cyclase (GC) or phosphodiesterase (PDE) assays require the AlphaScreen Biotinylated cGMP Supplement (cat No. 6760306M/R) to be used with the existing AlphaScreen Protein A kits (Cat No. 6760617C/M/R) and a commercial or in house source of anti-cGMP antibody, which offers cost savings and flexibility advantages.

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