AlphaScreen™ cAMP Assay Kits

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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AlphaScreen assay for quantitative measurement of cAMP, enough for 1,000 - 50,000 assay points. When high signal level is needed, using cAMP-biotin supplement (cat#6760301M) is recommended.

Improved purity of the biotin-cAMP allows for set up of ultra-sensitive cAMP assays. Includes detailed instructions for both Gs and Gi coupled receptor studies for faster assay development. Homogeneous and non-radioactive.

Note that the number of cAMP assay points in cAMP assay kit is based on a 25 mL reaction volume.

Available Kits

AlphaScreen™ cAMP Assay Kit, 1,000 assay points

AlphaScreen™ cAMP Assay Kit, 10,000 assay points

AlphaScreen™ cAMP Assay Kit, 50,000 assay points

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