AlphaLISA no-wash ELISA kits by PerkinElmer, Inc.

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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AlphaLISA no-wash ELISA kits
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PerkinElmer, Inc.

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PerkinElmer AlphaLISA no-wash ELISA kits:

• The Alpha Donor bead (blue) is coated with streptavidin which captures the biotinylated antibody. 
• The Acceptor bead (red) is coated with analyte-specific antibody. 
• The beads are brought into proximity through binding to the analyte. 
• When excited by laser at 680nm, the Alpha Donor bead releases singlet oxygen which travels to the nearby Acceptor bead where it induces emission of light.

AlphaLISA immunoassay kits: finally, a true no-wash ELISA

Utilizing a proprietary bead-based technology, AlphaLISA is the premier alternative to traditional ELISA. The narrow and bright emission spectra of the unique Alpha technology makes AlphaLISA the most sensitive no-wash, high throughput assay for small molecules, large proteins and complex samples such as serum and plasma.

Benefits of the AlphaLISA Kits: 

• Save Sample: better sensitivity than ELISA 
• Save Time: no wash steps to slow your research 
• Save Effort: homogeneous assay all in one well

When to Use the PerkinElmer AlphaLISA Kits:
Moderate-high throughput, precious samples, serum or lysates

Detection and Automation:
EnVision®, EnSpire™, JANUS®

AlphaPlate™, OptiPlate™, CulturPlate™, 1/2 Area Plate

AlphaScreen® SureFire®Kits: the benefits of AlphaLISA for endogenouos cellular kinases 

• Measure over-expressed and endogenous phosphorylated 
• Validated on many different cell lines 
• Easy to miniaturize and automate 
• Culture cells and measure kinases in a single well

For more information on AlphaLISA, please visit the PerkinElmer website.

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