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Alpha Unit Sample Blocks

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Alpha Unit Sample Blocks are the heart of DNA Engine cyclers. They are interchangeable reaction modules and are available in a variety of formats to accommodate standard tubes and plates, high-density microplates, and even microscope slides.

Every thermal cycler in the DNA Engine family (the DNA Engine, DNA Engine Dyad, Dyad Disciple, and DNA Engine Tetrad 2 cyclers) accepts all interchangeable Alpha units. Changing an Alpha unit takes less than 10 seconds, with no tools required. The temperature accuracy specifications of Alpha blocks ensure consistent results experiment-to-experiment and cycler-to-cycler.

Features of the Alpha Units
Nonstick Coating for Alpha Blocks
The surface has a non-stick coating to improve the release of reaction vessels from the block. The coating protect the aluminum structure of the block from damage without adversely affecting thermal characteristics, also the proprietary nickel-Teflon nonstick coating is much more slippery. Hence, reaction vessels are now easier to remove from the instrument after thermal cycling.
Pioneers of Peltier Technology
DNA Engine thermal cyclers were among the first to incorporate Peltier-based technology and the first to introduce mulitzone feedback control, both of which have become standard for high-performance thermal cyclers today. By using multiple sensors (single blocks only) to rapidly modulate four temperature zones within a sample block (inner, outer, left, and right), optimal sample-to-sample consistency is achieved.
Adjustable Heated Lids Expand Consumable Choices
Alpha units are equipped with heated lids, to eliminate the need for oil overlay, and are adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of vessels and vessel-sealing options.

Type of Alpha Units Available
96-Well Alpha™ Unit with Hot Bonnet® Heated Lid - this reaction module holds one 96-well plate or 96 x 0.2 ml tubes, includes sample consumables
384-Well High-Capacity Alpha™ Unit with Hot Bonnet® Heated Lid - this reaction module holds one 384-well microplate, includes sample consumables
48/48 Dual Alpha™ Unit with Two Heated Lids - this reaction module includes 2 independent blocks, each holds 48 x 0.2 ml tubes, also includes sample consumables

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Alpha Unit Sample Blocks by Bio-Rad product image

Alpha Unit Sample Blocks

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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