(disabled) Alpha Plus Positive Displacement Single Channel Manual

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The Alpha Plus Single Channel Dispenser allows easy, one handed operation of up to 48 aliquots without refilling. This makes it ideal for simplifying such repetitive tasks as filling test tubes, culture flasks and other vessels, both saving your time and reducing error. A choice of 5 volume settings and 8 syringe sizes gives you a comprehensive and easily adjustable variety of volumes from 1µl to 5ml, with a maximum capacity of 50ml. Volumes are selected and dispensed with a high degree of accuracy and precision. A robust lever secures the syringe to the unit, and a smooth sliding lever aspirates liquid ready for dispensing. The convenient volume chart on the handle gives clear information on the optimum syringe for your procedures. Alpha syringes are selected for their high quality and reliability and can be purchased in either sterile or non-sterile packaging.

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(disabled) Alpha Plus Positive Displacement Single Channel Manual

Manufacturer Alpha Laboratories Ltd

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