Alpha Expanded Pupil Stereo Microscope

Manufacturer Vision Biomed

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Alpha is a revolutionary stereo zoom microscope that employs Vision Biomed's patented Expanded-Pupil optical technology, allowing operators to work more efficiently, for longer.

The patented technology provides a significant ergonomic advantage for Alpha, with a four-fold increase in working distance between the operator’s eyes and the eyepieces (over conventional eyepiece microscopes). This allows a much greater freedom of operator head movement plus the increased distance also allows users with corrected vision to continue to wear prescription spectacles.

The resulting operator comfort provides 'fatigue-free' viewing for the user.

In standard configuration, Alpha delivers a zoom magnification range of x7 to x40 with options permitting a maximum of x160. The modular design also provides flexibility enhance the system with a wide range of camera and optical accessories.