Allegro™ 2D Biocontainers by Pall Life Sciences - Laboratory, Food, Beverage

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Allegro™ 2D Biocontainers

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Pall Allegro biocontainers have been specifically designed for applications where biocontainers must be both reliable and flexible.

The biocontainers are made from top quality Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) film which complies with the very high standards expected for biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Allegro 2D biocontainers also include unique design features which significantly improve the design and robustness of single-use systems, while enabling high product recovery.

Allegro 2D biocontainers are available in sizes from 50 mL up to 50 L. A sampling port is available for all options. For 5 L biocontainers and larger, there is the option to use a ½ in. port for the inclusion of sensors, therefore allowing process monitoring.

Allegro™ 2D Biocontainers Features & Benefits:

  • Coextruded film, comprising inert polyethylene in the inner and outer layers and a gas barrier film interlayer
  • Inert polyethylene fluid contact layer
  • Excellent gas barrier properties
  • High clarity and flexibility
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemicals
  • Very low level of leachables
  • No animal derived ingredients


  • Cell cuture media preparation and storage
  • Buffer preparation and storage
  • Product harvesting
  • Chromatography fraction collection
  • Intermediate product storage
  • Bulk product storage prior to filling
  • Sampling