AlfaSIP™ - Sanitization & Disinfection Kit

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Alfa Wassermann Separation Technologies LLC

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AlfaSIP™ A new, rapid, in-situ kit to provide sanitization of the Alfa Wassermann Pilot Scale eKII / KII and ePKII / PKII Production Scale Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuges, AW Promatix 1000™ BioPurification System and other processing equipment without the use of heat.

• Sanitization in place in a closed system for total protection

• Disinfectant, sanitizer and virucide

• Compatible with stainless steel, most plastics & elastomers

• Short sanitization time (5-10 minutes) with no heating-cooling cycle

• Simple procedure for centrifuges, chromatography and ultrafiltration systems and general laboratory surfaces

The first product in the series, AlfaSIP-50D, is aimed at disinfection and sanitization in place. The AlfaSIP-50D kit produces a >99% pure solution of chlorine dioxide in water. It is manufactured for Alfa Wassermann and produces the ClO2 in a patented, membrane-based micro-reactor envelope.