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ALDEFLUOR® reagent system - For the identification, evaluation and isolation of stem and progenitor cells expressing high levels of ALDH.

The ALDEFLUOR® reagent system from STEMCELL Technologies offers a novel approach to the identification and isolation of stem/progenitor cells based on ALDH (aldehyde dehydrogenase) activity, rather than cell surface phenotype.

While ALDEFLUOR® is optimized for use with human hematopoietic cells, it has also been adapted for use with other species and cell types, for the identification of mouse hematopoietic progenitor cells, as well as mouse and rat neural stem cells. In addition, ALDEFLUOR® has recently been shown to identify ALDHbr cells from human bone marrow, which are capable of regenerating vascular function in immune deficient mice after ischemic injury. ALDEFLUOR® offers a universal research tool for the identification of stem/progenitor cell populations from various lineages, for the study of tissue regeneration and repair.

Advantages of ALDEFLUOR®:

• Identifies stem and progenitor cells without the need for antibody staining 
• Identifies only viable cells with an intact cellular membrane 
• Is nontoxic both in vitro and in vivo 
• Easy and highly reproducible 
• Prolonged stability of reagents 
• Can be counterstained with standard fluorescently labeled immunophenotyping antibodies 
• Can be detected by the green (520-540 nm) fluorescence detector of a standard flow cytometer 
• Use with cryopreserved or fresh bone marrow, cord or peripheral blood 
• Optimized for use with human hematopoietic cells, but can be adapted for use with other species and cell types 
• Simple methodology: all essential reagents are supplied in a ready-to-use kit 
• Provides a standard protocol and reliable analysis as a research reagent for progenitor/stem cell enumeration and selection.

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