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Alchemist HT

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Screen preparation is not only tedious, time consuming and potentially error prone, but the accuracy with which a screen design can explore the high dimensional chemical space determines whether a crystallization experiment leads to a hit.

The Alchemist HT simplifies fine and coarse screen production with unmatched accuracy using patented "Tapper" technology, no cross contamination and no waste with patented BirdFeeders™, and fast and simple screen optimizations with the CrystalTrak™ software package.

The accuracy achieved by automated screen makers is best gauged by coefficients of variation, "CVs," a measure of deviations between actual and target dispense volumes. The Alchemist HT achieves CVs of less than 3% down to 1 μl even for the most difficult to dispense stocks, namely highly viscous PEGs. This unmatched precision is achieved with the Tapper technology.

Included with every Alchemist is CrystalTrak, a software package designed specifically for protein crystallography. It features a comprehensive crystallization and chemical database that includes most commercial screens, and enables easy screen design and one-click optimization tools.

Alchemist HT Features:

  • No cross-contamination due to patented BirdFeeder™ technology which eliminates tubing
  • 72 chemicals can be stored on the deck - perfect for multiple group useage
  • Elimination of tubing means no waste of expensive chemicals such as detergents
  • Unmatched accuracy (CVs of less than 3% down to 1 μl) achieved by “Tapper” technology
  • Simple screen optimizations utilizing the CrystalTrak™ software
  • Stock management tools and bar code tracking bring efficiency to the lab