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Control reagents to enable users to validate and control testing on an individual or batch basis.

Whole Blood Control

  • For use on automated blood grouping instruments
  • Validated for WA Diana and Ortho Biovue
  • ‘Ready to Use’ ABO & D Grouping controls
  • 6ml vials with cap-pierceable tops
  • Closed vial stability: 6 weeks
  • Manufactured on a 4 weekly cycle, it is advisable to order by subscription.
  • CE Marked

Sensitivity Controls

  • Used for assessing the ability of techniques for detecting weak IgG antibodies
  • Validated for conventional tube method, DiaMed ID Gel Cards, Ortho Biovue, Zenyx Qasar
  • Closed vial stability: 1 year

Proficiency Test

  • Kit containing 20 randomly selected serum samples and a disk
  • Used for assessing ability of an individual and/or the capability of a technology for detecting weak antibodies
  • Samples are ‘ready to use’ and require no reconstitution
  • Individual laboratories choose who is to be assessed and how often
  • Disk allows immediate access to results
  • Validated for conventional techniques and automated methods
  • Closed vial stability: 1 year