Air LiHa - Air Displacement Pipetting Arm by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

Air LiHa - Air Displacement Pipetting Arm by Tecan product image
Air LiHa - Air Displacement Pipetting Arm
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Increased flexibility and greater convenience with Tecan’s Air LiHa
The Air LiHa air displacement pipetting arm offers increased productivity and lower maintenance for a variety of applications requiring disposable tips. Using air displacement technology to offer a broad volume range from 0.5 to 1000 μl per channel – with free dispense down to 0.5 μl – it can be mounted onto Freedom EVO® 100, 150 or 200 platforms, and freely combined with other pipetting and robotic arms for true parallel processing. Available with either four or eight individual pipetting channels – each protected by an Inline Filter, which can be easily exchanged by the user – the Air LiHa enables sample transfers to and from most standard labware types.

Liquid handling expertise
Each Air LiHa module offers optimized pipetting for a broad range of liquid types and volumes, with independent movement of each pipetting channel in the Z-axis and symmetrically variable tip spacing from 9 to 38 mm to maximize flexibility. This is combined with fast liquid level detection and preferential non-contact dispensing for improved pipetting performance for a wide range of applications, such as nucleic acid purification and PCR set­up.

Advanced process security
With built-in MultiSense™ process security and liquid level detection functionalities, the Air LiHa supports both capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) and pressure-based liquid level detection (pLLD), as well as offering Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP™) for real-time quality control of all liquid transfer processes. This sophisticated process control suite allows fully automated detection of common sources of pipetting errors – such as clots or aspiration of air – and provides predefined liquid classes for both serum and aqueous reagents, ensuring reliable pipetting performance for a broad range of applications.

Versatile disposable tips
The Air LiHa is designed to work exclusively with disposable tips, and is intended for applications where the washing of fixed tips between pipetting steps is ineffective or impractical. It is compatible with Tecan’s entire range of high quality LiHa disposable tips, offering a wide selection of tip volumes, purity levels and filtered options to suit the specific needs of a given application and ensure optimal pipetting results. A low level tip ejector allows disposable tips to be ejected within an enclosed environment, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination from aerosols generated during the tip ejection process.