Air jet sizer for air assisted sieving

Manufacturer Endecotts Ltd

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The Air Jet Sizer is ideal for sieving difficult and very fine dry particles from 20 æm upward. It is easy touse, extremely efficient and provides accurate reproducible results.

The Air Jet Sizer is supplied complete with its own separate vacuum source which connects to the back of the sizer. Electrical power for the vacuum unit is supplied by a connector on the Air Jet Sizer enabling a single on/off switch to supply power to both units. A safety microswitch on the Air Jet Sizer ensures that the unit can not operate unless a sieve is in place on the sieve mount plate.

Most sieving operations on the Air Jet Sizer take only a matter of minutes. Useful functions including the ability to regulate the level of vacuum, and constant or timed operation help to achieve optimum performance.