Agilent VnmrJ 4.0 Pre-Clinical MRI Software

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VnmrJ 4 for Imaging is the newest release of Agilent’s advanced software for pre-clinical MRI. This dedicated imaging version of our powerful magnetic resonance software quickly connects you to sophisticated data, with more pulse sequences, an interactive, user-friendly interface, and a wealth of new features that improve data quality and productivity.

GENERATE RESULTS — Easier Than Ever With Agilent's VnmrJ 4 Software for MRI.

  • Generate reliable, reproducible results using optimized tools
  • Increase the productivity of your MRI system
  • Choose from a collection of new protocols using the protocol browser for ultimate flexibility
  • Use the built-in, pre-tested study cards for easy access to imaging protocols
  • Access advanced features to speed up image analysis and method development

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Agilent VnmrJ 4.0 Pre-Clinical MRI Software

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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