Agilent Solutions for Automated NGS Sample Prep

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Agilent Solutions for Automated NGS Sample Prep provide:

  • Flexibility to automate virtually any NGS reagent
  • Performance to dramatically increase throughput and walk-away time
  • Optimized SureSelectXT protocols to rapidly automate your NGS Sample Prep

Agilent NGS Option A and Option B Both Deliver Higher Throughput with Less Hands-On Time

Automating your NGS sample preparation with either Agilent NGS Option A or Option B increases laboratory throughput up five-fold compared to manual sample preparation. For whole genome sequencing applications that require only library preparation, 96 samples can be prepared in less than 4 hours to increase laboratory output to 960 sequencer ready libraries in a single week. For more complex protocols, such as targeted resequencing using Agilent SureSelectXT, both systems can complete library preparation and target enrichment for 192 samples in a 5-day work week.

Agilent NGS Option A:

High throughput and improved reproducibility with a small footprint

  • Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform
  • Agilent PlateLoc Thermal Microplate Sealer
  • Agilent Bravo accessories for heating, cooling, shaking, and magnetic separation

Agilent NGS Workstation Option B:

High throughput and improved reproducibility with more walkaway time

  • Agilent NGS Option A
  • Agilent BenchCel 4R Microplate Handler
  • Agilent Labware MiniHub