Agilent QQQ LC/MS Pesticide Application Kit by Agilent Technologies

Agilent QQQ LC/MS Pesticide Application Kit by Agilent Technologies product image
Agilent QQQ LC/MS Pesticide Application Kit
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Minimize the need for tedious manual method development with pretested methods and a triggered tMRM database and library.

Analyzing pesticide residues in food and environmental samples is challenging. Large numbers of compounds, many at low concentrations, must be monitored and quantitated. To complicate matters, method development is labor-intensive and time-consuming due to the compound-dependent parameters that must be optimized.

Agilent’s Pesticide Screening tMRM Application Kit is the only screening solution available that provides dynamically-generated MS/MS spectra based on targets found during an MRM monitoring run where those MS/MS spectra are generated with the superior speed, sensitivity and ion ratio precision associated with using multiple reaction monitoring experiments rather than scanning experiments.

Faster identification and quantification of pesticides

Agilent’s novel approach to library searching of spectra takes full advantage of these benefits to generate new levels of confidence in the validity of positive findings.

Fig 1Figure 1. Here, a 300-compound pesticide mixture was analyzed using the Agilent 1200 SL Series RRLC and 6460 Triple Quad with Jet Stream Technology.

Fig 2Figure 2. Agilent’s Pesticide tMRM database ensures fast, customized method development.

Quickly establish screening methods for complex matrices using these leading-edge technologies:

A tMRM database and library and Agilent MassHunter Data Aqcuisition and Analysis Software enable rapid generation of acquisition and analysis methods that can be easily modified to meet future needs.

The Agilent 1200 Series SL RRLC, interfaced with Agilent’s 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System delivers fast, high-resolution LC/MS/MS analysis.

Jet Stream Electrospray lowers detection levels of pesticides in complex matrices.

tMRM acquisition generates a library-searchable tMRM spectrum for each compound present to increase confidence in compound identification and quantitation, while avoiding false-positive results.

Learn More > Application Note:
Application of a Triggered MRM Database and Library for the Quantitation and Identification of Pesticides in Food Extracts—Triggered MRM in combination with library searching against a reference library reliably eliminates potential false positives and produces authentic compound spectra even at very low concentrations in complex matrices. Such verification is achieved while maintaining other essential requirements of an LC-/MRM monitoring method for pesticides. In particular, the excellent quantitative accuracy and linearity achieved with the use of tMRM acquisition is also explored.

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Agilent QQQ LC/MS Pesticide Application Kit by Agilent Technologies product image

Agilent QQQ LC/MS Pesticide Application Kit

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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