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Agilent Microarray Services
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One-Color and Two-Color Agilent Microarray Services

Send your samples for flexible, dual-mode gene expression
As a certified Agilent Service Provider, Miltenyi Biotec offers services with Agilent Whole Genome 4×44 Microarrays for flexible, dual-mode gene expression analysis. The new format with four arrays per slide can be used for one-color and two-color experiments to meet the researchers needs.

Advantages of 4×44 K microarray format
– Sensitive 4×44K multi-pack format with small microarray footprint
– An improved dynamic range of 5.0–6.0 orders of magnitude for wide range of detection
– Spike-in controls and quality control reporting for high confidence in hybridization results

Genome-wide analysis for human, mouse, rat, and more
More than 41,000 genes and transcripts are synthesized as 60-mer oligonucleotides on the whole-genome slides.

Custom Agilent Microarray Service
Beside human and rodents, further species-specific microarrays are available: dog, zebrafish, X. laevis, C. elegans, A. thaliana, rice, and yeast.

Even a few cells, sorted with MACS® Technology or flow cytometry, laser capture microdissected cells, or tissue biopsies can be processed for microarray analysis with the SuperAmp™Service. 

Visualize your data surge with Cluster Analysis, Discriminatory Gene Analysis, and Pathway Analysis. Grouping of relevant genes, tell-tale "fingerprints", or interaction of your gene of interest—experienced bioinformaticians sort and visualize microarray results with proprietary or other specialized software tools.