Agilent GV1000 X-Ray Diffractometer

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Agilent’s revolutionary new GV1000 X-ray diffractometer, equipped with an extremely compact, quiet, and high brilliance X-ray source, is designed to yield superior data quality for the most challenging crystallography projects.

The GV1000 represents a major leap forward in the generation of X-rays for demanding structural biology applications. The instrument incorporates novel approaches in all core source technologies, with key benefits including:

  • Gradient vacuum technology
  • Electronic, software-controllable X-ray beam size and position
  • High brilliance – Optimized for the most challenging and weakly diffracting samples
  • Simple serviceability for an overall lower cost-of-ownership

The GV1000 diffractometer utilizes Agilent's user-friendly CrysAlisPro PX software platform for crystal screening, data collection and data reduction, and has the ability to export data in multiple formats for use in your favorite program.