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Africa is a fully automated, flexible and easy-to-use microreactor flow system. The Africa system allows R&D chemists working in discovery and process development to accelerate compound synthesis and reaction optimization.

Africa benefits:
Walk away synthesis: Fully automated hardware is controlled by the Africa software to enable unattended runs. Reagents are injected and products are collected automatically.

Faster reactions: Increase reaction rates over 100 fold by superheating reactions significantly above reflux e.g. dichloromethane to 100°C, acetonitrile to 150°C and water to 170°C.

Cleaner reactions: Reduced impurities via excellent, reproducible reaction control and optional use of solid phase reagents/catalysts/scavengers.

Inline aqueous work-up: The Flow Liquid Liquid Extraction Module (FLLEX) enables two immiscible phases to be mixed and separated in flow, immediately following the reaction.

Online analysis: A sample of reaction mixture can be taken, diluted and analyzed by HPLC in an entirely automated fashion.

Scale-up: Production rates up to kg overnight.

Rapid development: Reaction time, temperature and equivalents can be rapidly varied using mg of substrate.

Reactions not possible with batch synthesis: Extremely quick reaction times, reagent additions, temperature changes and quenches are possible.

Automated blockage protection: Pressure sensors continually monitor every flow channel.

Wide temperature range: Heat reactions up to 300°C or cool down to 0°C.

Chemically resistant: Glass and PTFE/ fluoropolymer wetted parts allow the widest range of chemistry possible.

Customisable: Systems are made up of functional modules, allowing each system to accurately match the need of the application.

Safer reactions: Only small amounts of material react at any time, minimising exotherms and the quantity of any hazardous intermediates. 

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