Africa - Synthesis, Analysis, Liquid Handling and FLLEX (SAHF)

Manufacturer Syrris Limited

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Africa is a fully automated, flexible and easy-to-use microreactor flow system. The Africa system allows R&D chemists working in discovery and process development to accelerate compound synthesis and reaction optimization.

The full (SAHF) AFRICA System enables entirely automated flow synthesis, analysis, aqueous work up, reagent injection and product collection.

This system enables hundreds of compounds (separated by solvent) to be injected into sample loops then pumped into the flow reactor under pressure, reacted, worked-up, sampled/diluted, analysed by HPLC and collected into vials. Reaction conditions such as time, temperature and reagent equivalents can be varied automatically before flowing the output to the HPLC and aqueous work up system.

Multiple reactions can be injected into the flowing stream in a fast serial fashion so that several reactions are in the system at a time.