AflaPure™ Total Kit by Bioo Scientific

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AflaPure™ Total Kit
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The AflaPure™ Total Kit contains immunoaffinity columns for the convenient purification and enrichment of total aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2 and M1) from a variety of food, beverage and feed samples for downstream HPLC and ELISA analysis. Aflatoxins are naturally occurring fungal toxins that can be present in many different types of food. Contamination of food with aflatoxin can cause a variety of illnesses including liver cancer.

• Flexible - For use with fluorescence-based HPLC detection and ELISA
• Comprehensive – purifies all aflatoxins from samples
• Stable - Long shelf life that does not require refrigeration
• Versatile - For use with a variety of samples
• Fast - Sample ready in less than 10 minutes
• Robust dynamic range - Detects aflatoxin levels from 300 ppb to 0.1 ppb
• Safe - Uses nontoxic materials for sample prep protocols

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