AF Series Ice Flaker by Eurotech

Manufacturer Eurotech

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AF Series Ice Flaker
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CFS - Co-Axial-ice System
Static evaporators just cannot cope with the natural shape of flake ice. A vertical, cylindrical evaporator with an auger that extrudes ice flakes through an ice breaker proves to be the best solution, and Scotsman has perfected it through years of experience. The Scotsman solid stainless steel evaporator applies advanced technology of direct refrigerant expansion to ice production, for maximum durability and efficiency.

ERC - Electronic Rotation Control
The worst enemy for vertical auger style evaporators are the freeze-ups. An advanced solid state control, which measures the speed of rotation of the auger shaft, adjust machine functions according to operating circumstances

LWC - Low Water Content
Ice with a low water content. Reccomended for all high volume commercial/industrial applications, combining slow-melt with moisture exchange to premium-priced perishables and specialised industrial processes.

THC - Total Hygiene Concept
There is no better foodgrade material than stainless steel. Scotsman machines are built with stainless steel frames and side panels, for rust-free durability, ease of cleaning and hygiene. Large and accessible ice storage areas allow for quick and easy sanitising routine.

HWC - High Water Content
Ice with a high water content. Reccomended for all those applications where delicate and high moisture products must be preserved.

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