AequoZen Frozen Cells by PerkinElmer, Inc.

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AequoZen Frozen Cells
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PerkinElmer, Inc.

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AequoZen™: Frozen, irradiated cells with Aequorin for calcium testing.
Using Aequorin for calcium assays is much more cost effective that using expensive fluorescence dyes (in client studies, we have shown a 4-fold decrease in cost per well compared to using traditional fluorescent dyes). With luminescence readout, Aequorin provides an extremely sensitive assay with a wide dynamic range.

The FroZen™ cells approach to functional testing consists in the dissociation of cell culture from testing. That means that we will culture the cells, freeze them with an optimized protocol, and irradiate them with gamma rays to stop all replication. These cells are then stored in liquid nitrogen or simply in a -80°C freezer, thawed and used directly in a functional, cellular GPCR test with previously validated performance.