Advantage® RT-PCR Kit

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The Advantage® RT-for-PCR Kit allows first-strand cDNA synthesis from either total or poly A+ RNA. With this kit, you can obtain sufficient quantities of cDNA for PCR from nanogram quantities of any RNA. The Advantage® RT-for- PCR Kit offers several advantages:

  • Longer oligo(dT) primers provide more effective cDNA priming.
  • Recombinant-derived RNase inhibitor minimizes RNA degradation.

Each kit contains everything you need for cDNA synthesis, including PCR control primers, control RNA, and a User Manual. Oligo(dT) and random hexamer primers are also included. This kit does not contain the reagents needed for PCR. We recommend TITANIUM™ Taq DNA Polymerase for sensitive, robust performance in PCR applications.

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Advantage® RT-PCR Kit

Manufacturer Clontech Laboratories, Inc.

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