ADAMANT - the new TLC silica glass plate

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ADAMANT glass plates for TLC
In addition to the layers SIL G and DURASIL, MACHEREY-NAGEL presents another generation of glass plates with silica layers for TLC. ADAMANT plates feature a specially developed binder system, which results in an outstanding hardness of the silica layer. Due to the enormous abrasion resistance the formation of dust on the surface of the ADAMANT is minimised.

Key features of ADAMANT TLC silica glass plates:

- Outstanding hardness of the layer due to an optimized binder system: The plate can be easily labelled, e.g. with a lead pencil for clear identification
- High abrasion resistance of the surface, no formation of dust: A dust-free plate allows convenient handling and avoids silica contamination of the TLC chamber
- Very well suited for trace analysis: The UV indicator of the ADAMANT features an increased brilliance which, in combination with the low-noise background, results in an increased detection sensitivity.
- Increased separation efficiency: Compared to most commonly used plates on the market, ADAMANT shows improved separation efficiency, because the particle size
distribution of the silica has been optimized, resulting in a higher number of theoretical plates.

The selectivity of ADAMANT is different compared to Sil G or DURASIL. Thus the chromatographer now can choose from 3 different types of MN plates in order to optimise a given separation.

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ADAMANT - the new TLC silica glass plate

Manufacturer MACHEREY-NAGEL GmbH & Co. KG

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