acumen® hci - for rapid high content imaging

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Imaging goes high-throughput

With TTP Labtech’s new acumen hci, high-content imaging and high-throughput are finally united. Achieving unparalleled speeds during high throughput screening, acumen hci can image and analyse the whole wells of a 96- to 1536- well plates in just 8 minutes, thanks to patented on-the-fly technology. This allows the effective screening of high density plates and facilitates assay miniaturisation, with an associated increase in throughput but reduction in costs.

Whole well imaging for the complete picture

Uniquely, the acumen hci imager performs whole well scanning as standard. This ensures data generation is of the highest quality and robustness, while eliminating inter-plate variability and overcoming uneven cell distribution. Furthermore, whole well scanning permits larger organisms and colonies to be imaged without time-consuming image-stitching and precious supplies of limited culture can be saved as fewer cells need to be plated per well.

Data analysis that works for you

acumen hci produces OME-compliant, open-source TIFF files. This allows users to easily export data to existing, 3rd party software for instant secondary analysis if necessary. As such, acumen hci fits easily into existing workflow practices, offering maximum flexibility and allowing internal imaging expertise to be utilised to great effect.

Imaging for all applications

Suitable for a broad range of high content imaging applications and hard-to automate assays, acumen hci is a versatile imager for the quantitative analysis of biological applications. This includes assays for cell cycle analysis, colony formation, multiplexed toxicity testing, protein kinase activity and reporter gene assays. Furthermore, acumen hci allows you to profile compound libraries in a matter of hours and lends itself to 3D cell culture analysis thanks to its large depth of focus.

Imaging for everyone

acumen hci has been designed with maximum ease-of-use. Intuitive operation enables multiple members of staff to be easily trained for efficient use of the screening program. Additionally, with two modes of operation (in cytometric and imaging mode), acumen hci is ideal for a broad range of applications, regardless of the assay complexity and user experience.

acumen hci: more imaging, less fuss