Active STAT3 DuoSet IC® Kit by R&D Systems, Inc.

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Active STAT3 DuoSet IC® Kit
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R & D Systems Active STAT3 DuoSet IC® Kit - For the development of transcription factor assays to measure human and mouse active STAT1 p91.

The R & D DuoSet IC Phospho-specific ELISA format is a sensitive and convenient phosphorylation assay for use with cell lysates. The DuoSet IC signal transduction assays are an excellent alternative to Western blot, especially when used in combination with DuoSet IC ELISAs designed to measure the levels of total protein.

Features of the R & D DuoSet IC Kit include: 

• Optimized capture and detection antibody pairings and recommended concentrations save lengthy development time 
• Generic development protocols provide direction to start an optimization protocol 
• Customize the assay to your specific needs 
• Available in 2, 5, and 15-(96-well) plate pack sizes 
• Excellent alternative to Western blot

This R & D DuoSet IC activity assay contains the basic components required for the development of a transcription factor assay to measure active human and mouse STAT1 p91, also called STAT. A biotinylated double stranded (ds) oligonucleotide containing a consensus STAT1 binding site is incubated with nuclear extracts. STAT1 p91-ds oligonucleotide complexes are subsequently captured by an immobilized antibody specific for STAT1 p91. After washing away unbound material, detection utilizing Streptavidin-HRP is performed. An unlabeled ds competitor oligonucleotide is provided to demonstrate the specificity of the assay.

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