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Active Sample Manager - ASM
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Automated sample management system for high-throughput storage of tubes, vials and plates with a temperature range down to -20°C.
The modular design of the ASM allows the capacity of the sample management system to be expanded by combining multiple ASM Store modules. In addition, as tube picking and compiling functions are contained within each ASM Store module, tube pick rates and overall system output is additive, increasing proportionately with the addition of each ASM Store module.

Flexible Consumable Configuration - An ASM Store module can store up to 207,360 tubes or 2,160 plates, accommodating all the popular tube sizes, including 0.5 ml and 1.4 ml tubes and 1 dram vials.
Integrated Hand-off - Use the fully automated hand-off arm for scheduled delivery to your MICROLAB® STAR Line workstation along with other third-party instrument integrations.

Processing Speed - Up to 120 tube racks and plates can be delivered out of storage per hour. The design of the ASM allows for multiple pickers with simultaneous picking. Each additional Store that is added has its own gantry for rack selection, picker for tube selection and smart cache for look-ahead picking.

Integrated Thaw - Each ASM Server module features integrated active thaw of 40 racks simultaneously, application program interface and integrated 1-D and 2-D barcode reading. Additionally, the ASM Server allows up to 40 racks to be accessed manually from the door.
ASM with SealTite function: The ASMST System is the world’s only plate handling system that automatically seals and unseals microplates.