ACTIVA M CCD ICP-OES Atomic Emission Spectrometer by HORIBA Scientific

Manufacturer HORIBA Scientific

ACTIVA M CCD ICP-OES Atomic Emission Spectrometer by HORIBA Scientific product image
ACTIVA M CCD ICP-OES Atomic Emission Spectrometer

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Take full benefit of CCD detection with HORIBA Scientific ACTIVA-M ICP-OES

The ACTIVA-M brings ICP-OES expertise in your laboratory with its high quality HORIBA Scientific optics and its state-of-the-art 2-dimensional CCD detector bringing all the advantages of multi-line analysis. The benefits of multi-line analysis are efficient use of the information contained in the full 120-800 nm emission spectrum of the ICP-OES, with validation of line selection and verification of unexpected spectral and non-spectral interferences. The unique and proprietary ICP-based database, featuring not only wavelength but also spectroscopic information for each line, associated with the innovative assistance tools, SmartView, MASTER (Multi-line Analysis, Selection Tool for Enhanced Reliability) and SOS (Statistical Outliers Survey) are the key tools to take full benefit of the CCD detection.
SmartView allows a semi-quantitative analysis based on a full-spectrum acquisition to identify the matrix to be analyzed. MASTER performs an automatic multi-line selection according to the concentration range of each element of the matrix, analytes and concomitant elements, taking into account sensitivity, detection limit and spectral interferences automatically. It reduces drastically the time needed for method development. SOS evaluates the results through an ANOVA data processing and detects outliers which are rejected to provide a single reliable result per element.
With the ACTIVA-M, each analyst can use multi-line analysis through easy operation steps and everyone become an expert in ICP-OES analysis, with increased confidence in the final result.